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TRUTH Reviews and Testimonials

"When I set out on my mission of redefining the traditional skin care paradigm, turning what had been cosmetic and superficial into something that was medicinal and therapeutic and based on my extensive experience as a compounding pharmacist, the modern skincare industry had not fundamentally changed, nor been truly disrupted in over a hundred and fifty years. I believed my work was going to be appealing to a small community of Truth seekers and outside the box thinkers and I had no idea that my vision and products would be understood and received as quickly, and with such enthusiasm, as they have been by so many people.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and the tremendous results you have enjoyed! It has been profoundly gratifying and validating - I feel honored to be able to share my passion for transformative skin health with everyone who has joined us on this journey of health and beauty!"

~ Benjamin Knight Fuchs, R.Ph.


I am a skin care fanatic and have tried every Vitamin C product under the sun and Transdermal C Balm is hands down the most effective product I have found for my dry, aging skin. I have been using Truth Treatments for the last 4 months and absolutely love it. I notice my skin looking much more healthy and vibrant, …if feels softer and hydrated with a more even tone and texture. I notice the age spots and wrinkles are fading. I can’t get enough of this creamy, fatty vitamin C balm. I like to use it at night for my night cream. It’s so rich and thick, just quenches my tired dry skin. Thank you Truth Treatments - my skin feels healthy and hydrated and soft like velvet.
~Anna S.




"I have been using Truth Treatments since March 2019. My main concerns are the acne scars on both side of my cheeks. Since using the the Truth products, not only did my acne scars lightened up, but the health of skin has become much more resilience and radiant! I use the Peppermint Salicylic Cleanser every morning and night. In the morning, I will use the Truth Trifecta, this combination makes my skin so plump! At night, I will use the Trandermal C Balm with the Omega 6 Healing Cream. Once a week I will treat my skin with the Regenerating 5% Retinol Gel and this product along with the Transdermal C Serum & Balm is what made a biggest differences on my skin. Now I feel so confident with my bare skin, I do not rely on makeup. It makes me feel great! Thank you Ben for formulating these products!! "
~Tammy D.



Here are very dramatic photos of I guess an age spot I had in 2017. I used the Regenerating 5% Retinol Gel twice a week covering the age spot with a Band-Aid when I use the gel. It took about two weeks and it just seemed to slough off. I had the spot about 6 months. It’s now over two years and it still gone!!
~Elaine H.






“I am so impressed with Ben Fuchs' The Truth Vitamin C Serum and Vitamin C Night Balm that I tout it to everyone I know. Growing up the daughter of a cosmetologist, I have been privileged to use some of the best skin care products on the market as my mother always had a healthy supply, and continuously reinforced the importance of taking care of my skin. So over the years, the cost of my skin care products seemed to progressively get higher, with my most expensive habit being Clé De Peau’s, La Crème night cream which started to run me about $500 per ounce. Still, I saw benefits and that’s all that mattered until I found The Truth. The difference was clear, when I ran out of La Créme, the lines in my skin, especially my forehead would start to reappear which had me rushing to the department store to buy more, but not so with Ben’s Truth line. I am 100% confident that he has the best products on the market with lasting results that don’t fade when you run out. Yes, it does seem like The Truth really is reversing the aging process. Having the pleasure to have met him, it is obvious Ben has a real passion for natural, high quality products that work. The best part is, now I use the The Truth skin care products and get a great value and tangible results, and my mother is so excited about them she is ready for more! Nice work Ben, we can’t thank you enough.”


~ Ola Manet, Age 42, Real Estate Broker, (Seen on HGTVs Selling LA) Malibu, California


“The Truth products are the best! As an esthetician, I am very choosey regarding my skin care products, and I have tried many. I have mature skin that is prone to breakouts with the usual greasy oils that are in most antiaging products. With these products I am never concerned. The active ingredients provide visible results, and leave my skin feeling smooth, soft and blemish free.”

~ Mindy Green, Esthetician, Herbalist, Aromatherapist, OR M. Green, RA, RH (AHG)


“I am 44 years old. As women at this point in our lives, we have been exposed to many different beauty products, services and treatments. Especially living in in Southern California, where the sun is strong and the life style is glamorous. Everyone wants to shine and look amazing. As there are so many products to choose from, how do we know what REALLY works? Well, from my experience, you know, when you "believe" in someone who introduces you to a new product and you take the time to "try" a new product. Two very important factors. Shaya, was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about The Truth, she really made me want to try it. She offered a nice size sample, which I found to be another major plus in finding the right product for ones skin. I used The Truth every evening. My skin going to bed was glowing and felt delicious. When I woke up in the morning, I wanted to use it again. I had never had a product which I actually loved to apply. My skin began to actually tighten and naturally hydrate, not to mention appear smoother. I loved the feeling and results so much, I ended up applying The Truth before evenings out on the town. I would let it settle a few minutes before applying light make up. I had such a glow about me that people noticed and commented on how great I looked. I am totally convinced this product is different that many I have tried in the past. I will continue to use the Truth as long as it is available. There is nothing like it as far as I am concerned and the more you use it the more you realize the Truth!”

All my best,

~ Wendy Plumb


“I am an esthetician and electrologist. I have been an esthetician for over 5 years and I have treated many different types of skin from cystic acne to rosacea and everything in between. I have also treated hair on people’s faces and bodies and have learned more and more of skin reactions, products, etc. I am a little picky when it comes to products, skin care and skin regimen so, I am not scared to tell a client that they are using too much, too little or to keep their drugstore products if it works. I am results driven! So if something works, I leave it alone or I encourage repeating it. I tend to be very aggressive or extremely mild with treatments depending on a client’s skin and comfort level. Because I like to deliver results, I like more abrasive chemicals and procedures which often leave clients peeling and needing some time to recover, which clients really dislike. Until now, I had not found a product that could heal skin so quickly, evenly and perfectly. The Truth Vitamin C Night Balm is truly a miracle! It heals skin almost instantly. I have used it now every time after a peel or procedure or if I have a few small scabs from extractions and my face doesn’t fall off and the scabs go away overnight. I am not a great sales representative and I cannot sell products for the life of me if I don’t feel like they work. I have to make sure that a product is amazing before I can really recommend it, or else I try to come up with some cheap alternatives that are equally ineffective; but there truly isn’t an equal alternative for this product. It does wonders on the skin and the best part is that I can have all my clients use it. Whether their skin is dry, oily, sensitive or not, this product is a must have for every client and can benefit and change every client’s skin! Thank you Ben for creating such a product! And I know that the recommended use is to apply at night but I think a dab of the truth in the morning and night is even better to not only heal the skin, but keep it perfectly hydrated, clean and clear.”

~ Mary Nik, Beverly Hill Electrolysis and Skin Care, Beverly Hills, California


"One of the best things about the Truth is that you know it’s working from the moment you put it on. I noticed a small, yet noticeable skin felt protected. The product goes on smooth and very little goes a long, long way. Within seconds of application there was a noticeable difference in the appearance of my face. Fine lines seemed to diminish and my skin feels smoother than it has in a very long time. I used the Truth Vitamin C Serum and Truth Vitamin C Balm for three months and the lines around my lips are nearly non existent, as were the crows feet around my eyes."

I love the Truth!

~ Paula Grippi, Paula’s Porch, Long Beach, California


"All I can is WOW, THE TRUTH is a very active line and aggressive in such a refreshing way! The results speak for themselves!!! I used the Retinol Gel and 2 days later I noticed a remarkable difference. Then with a touch of the Omega 6 Healing Cream and a drop of the Truth Vitamin C Serum, I could see the results in a week! This product line is amazing!!!"

~ Amy, St Louis MO


"I have witnessed a reduction in wrinkles and improvement in skin tone and texture with daily use of the Retinol Gel. Retinol Gel is much gentler than prescription Retin-A cream, which tended to irritate and dry out my skin.

The Omega-6 cream has healed several cases of second degree burns without scarring. The new skin looks great and has the same texture as the surrounding unburned skin.

TruthTreatment products are gentle, have high potency, have no fillers and work beautifully. A little bit goes a long way. I recommend them to all my patients."

~ Bonnie S. Friehling, M.D.


"Ohhhhhhhh Ben thank you so so much!!! I was planning to start with one product...the Truth a true miracle but then all your products are true miracles..... I can't live without them!!! And OMG?I ran out of the serum today?!!

Coming from a skin product junkie who's tested thousands of products, yours trumps them all!!!

I was going to call into your show with my raving enthusiastic review..."

~ Another satisfied customer!


"Holy Crap....I found the GOLD!!!! Your Truth products really are the BOMB!!! And I've tried literally thousands!! A skin care junkie I am!!!

But....OMG....the search stops here....JACKPOT...I won the mega million!!??

Well last night I took off makeup w coconut oil washed my face and put apple cider vinegar on....since I heard you say that using acv your products are better absorbed. Then a thin layer of retinol 5%

Then I wasn't sure bec when I use my Retin A I always put moisturizer over it

So I decided to use very little of the omega 6 healing cream.

When I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom I decided to open up a tiny bit of the Truth Vitamin C Balm and put it in layer of that on.

And when I woke up this morning I could not believe my eyes but I felt like I had a whole new face!!!!!

So this morning I just tried the Truth Vitamin C Serum. Now thinking I've already won the lottery..... I now know I hit the jackpot!!!! This serum is the total bomb!!!

I can't imagine how transformed my skin will look when I see such dramatic change in just one day!!! I think I could sell Bucket Loads of your skin care products just by the compliments that I am certain I will get!!! Looks don't lie! Today I'm going into New York City to get my bangs trimmed and Karmela who works on the hair of celebrities, will soak in amaaaazment! She lives to find the best products!!! And I got the mega million dollar one!!!! Haha!!!!"

~Dr. Cathy Markle, Professor, Yale School of Medicine


"Ben I can't thank you enough for the amazing product! My skin already looks more healthy. I can already see a softening of the skin. I love the texture and how it feels not slimmy or slippery."

You're the best!!



"My name is Daniel, I'm a 28 year male living in Colorado. I can truthfully say that, "The Truth has set me free!" I started out by just purchasing the Retinol Gel. I was immediately blown away. The acne break outs I had started to diminish the very next day. A few days after that, some hyper-pigmention spots I had for weeks peeled away and became normal colored skin again. I've tried Retinol gels/creams before but they always left my skin red and irritated. I experienced none of that with Truth Treatments Retinol Gel. I have since purchased the other Truth Treatments products and I can honestly say that my skin has NEVER looked this good before. Thank you for creating these Ben!"

~Daniel Espinoza


“Ben, I have been using your miraculous skin care for 27 years now and I can’t say enough about how amazing it is! In addition to using Truth Vitamin C Serum, Truth Vitamin C Balm and Omega 6 Healing Cream for everything from perfect daily/nightly skin hydration and nutrition to sunburn relief, I have to share how profoundly healing Retinol Gel is. Approached with caution as it can make the skin peel, that effect seems to be the perfect remedy for ANY ITCHY BUG BITE! Before you start to scratch and even if you do, put a dab perfectly in the middle of the bite. The bite will dry up and be gone within the day, re-apply as needed. I am not making any claims but I have no doubt Retinol Gel not only kills/dissolves any poison from the insect but any virus or ailment - Lyme to Zika, that the insect might be carrying. I have seen it dissolve everything from zits to staph infection. I have one of those blood types that bugs seem to love and have been successfully treating my bites for years with your amazing products. Thank You, I owe my health, my skin and a much higher enjoyment of life to You Ben, and the Truth.”

~ Jennifer Marcus


"I'm so happy so far with the products! Thank you for attaching a sample of the Omega 6, it's amazing. I've used Tetrinoin, Vitamin C serums, taken antibiotics, Benzoyl Peroxide, Tea Tree Oil, Sulfur-based products, and the list goes on for my acne issues. Ever since I've targeted my digestion and overall health, it's gotten significantly better. Every single product I've tried for my skin breaks me out; every single one. This is the first product that I've put on, woke up the next morning with no irritation, and I can literally see a difference in my skin's tone, complexion and overall feel. You are a miracle worker, and I don't want to jump the gun, but your products are not only clearing my Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, but giving it a glow that I haven't seen for a long time."
~ Anthony